Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

rambo vs. greta garbo

besides other great stuff, i got this vintage parasol for my graduation. i loooove it. i'm always a bit anxious with real vintage things. they might have survived a war and 60 years or more, but in general they don't survive me. (even though i try my very best, but i guess i can't deny that i was socialised by rambo rather than greta garbo)
like in school. there where kids whose books looked just like new at the end of the year. mine were in a rather ..uhm... battered state but with lots of new drawings in it. but no worries, i love these parasol more than my school books and will guard it.


  1. The parasol is beautiful, you look lovely. I am the same everything is always grubby and covered in drawings! x

  2. :) thanks!
    are you still drawing?