Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

outfitpost impossible

it's been a while now that i try to take an admiration shot of my most favorite skirt. it's handmade by the black pinafore and i totally adore it.
BUT it seems my faith not to be able to take a proper picture of me wearing it. here are some samples for you:

too dark plus i'm sweaty and redfaced from dancing
back home; looking mental

a pony crossed my way

Dear Debora. i hope i will once be able to take a picture of this glorious garment you made.


  1. wow, thanks for the post, makes me honor, and unfortunately I have some problems with the pixels of my etsy listings.....=>

  2. I feel like this when I wear one of my cool skirts, I just can't take a decent photo..but I'll conquer it! lol I really like that skirt, it's a great staple item to have!

  3. Very cute skirt you look adorable, I cannot see any sweat hah x

  4. you're welcome! i really adore your skirt and all of your other works. :)

  5. retro natural: yeah, it is really is, isn't it. but i can ensure you, you look lovely on that photos of yours.

    hannah: ha! that's due to the darkness ;)

  6. From photos of your feminine, I can be conveyed very charming area.
    You can have fun too!

  7. love ur skirt

  8. Aww we can still see it looks like a lovely skirt! You look super cute! And like Hannah, I see no sweat! Gotta sweat a little when dancing or you aint dancing right! :) Zoë x