Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

of another fashion

i want to introduce of another fashion to you. i love this blog. 

i stumbled over a post about Minh-Ha Pham and her project on the etsy blog.
to sum the whole thing up, of another fashion is an archive of the fashion of U.S. women of colour.

you can take part by donating garments, family or found photographs, accesories , etc.
i especially like to read the background information people give about the person in their submitted photo. it adds a very precious undertone to the whole project. at least it does for me.

just take a look for yourself!


  1. Amazing find, I love seeing real fashion from the past

  2. yes me too! i love to look through all the old photos in vintage shops and make up stories for the characters.
    it's sad that my grandmother is very progressive and likes everything new and fresh. which isn't actually sad, but the fact that she threw away all the clothes from her youth (which she sewed herself!) and also all the cool stuff from my great granmother and great grandaunts, is a real pitty.
    are your folks more preservative with their goods?

  3. No not at all unfortunately! My mum is always going on about clothes that she had but threw away, I intend to hoard everything I have I am not one for throwing stuff away.

  4. I love this! I've always wanted to see more vintage photos of women of color because they're so hard for me to find..There's so much that isn't seen..for example I've never really gotten to see Asian American women from the past and that's a treat! I think it's an absolutely beautiful project, thank you for sharing this! :)