Montag, 14. März 2011


i just returned from my business trip to fribourg, switzerland.

my hotel
the surrounding
the set
where i work (outside)
where i work (inside)
on my way home
swiss cat litter offending well nourished feline

and now i'm trying to get the music out of my head.

but i can't help it and share with you what's stuck in my head:

hehehe... i love the fact that life can be so surreal.


  1. it's not very intriguing i'm afraid. i'm assistent director for the state broadcast. :)

  2. oh that is to me! I want to work in the creative industry currently working for free at the moment for a theatre who are doing a digital festival.

  3. my job can be thrilling with big shows going on and many people watching, but isn't creative at all.

    your job sounds really interessting. could you send me a link to that festival? i'd really like to know more about it.
    what exactly are you doing there?
    and what would you like to do? i mean in which branch of the creative industry?

  4. I haven't been working on it long it's only a voluntary position it's a festival to celebrate cultural diversity. I am in charge of the media related to it but haven't really done much work on it yet. This is the site but it's only one page at the moment

    I would love to work in film or any kind of arts venue, if not that have my own shop/cinema/bakery hah I am a day dreamer!

  5. cinema&bakery would be a very charming combination!
    i'd be a regular guest and try to persuade you to show my movies. :)

  6. That's what I thought! I definitely would I have looked at them on your site. Now to find a lot of money to start said business ha x

  7. oooh you really cheer me up! thanks so much!

    money always is such a killer to ambitious dreams. but i recently decided that it's guts that count in the first place not money. i don't really believe it yet, but i keep convincing myself.

  8. I do think money helps, but it's also about having the right positive attitude, well that's what I tell myself hah

  9. seems we're both into positive autosuggestion spiced with a little deadpan humour :)

  10. which I believe is the best combination