Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

i'm back and i'm bursting

i returned from a very long trip to the countryside which i needed for convalescene and also to concentrate on my diploma. next friday is the big showdown! i'm very excited. i'll present my documentary in a small but great cinema. which really makes me proud. :)
the thing is: in a little more than a week i'm no student anymore. i'm looking forward to that but it's also scary. now it's time to get really serious about being a freelancer. 
i have so many plans and ideas and i'm taking in all the information i can get about women freelancers. i came across this blog, which i think is really inspiring (besides the awesome lipstick this lady sells)

i'd love you to share your plans or experiences with me!

here are some impressions of my country life

destroyed but dedicated
cats and flowers everywhere
my two citycats were especially amazed by flies and bugs and everything they can hunt.


  1. Nice to see you back, those women are very inspiring. Good luck with your documentary x

  2. You are going to rock the Top Cinema - that's for sure!
    And one more things that is eternally valid: cats and flowers are always right and good :-)