Freitag, 1. April 2011

how to keep graceful whilst being ill

no idea. you tell me.

but there are actually some things that brighten my day.
books! tea! and food! (besides my mister and my cats that is)
and i've got it all.
let's first spread the happy food news. i found crumpets! in vienna! yay! hurray! yeaaaaha!
along with the crumpets i got myself some buttercreamstyle ready-to-spread vanilla icing. and it's not as bad as i thought it would be! it's actually pretty good. i guess some of you might say that it would be easy to produce home-made buttercream, but let me tell you: i + baking = doomed. maybe i killed a pastry cook in a previous life or whatever, but baking always ends up disastrous for me.

now to the books. i received some today. *sigh* i love my books. and because i can't fit them in my shelves anymore i need to build a new one. i'd love to have a proper library, with all walls covered in books from floor to top.

and now back to food:
flower-covered white chocolate. no need to comment. mmmmh....

i'll think of something less greedy to post about next time.


  1. Oh dear hope you're feeling better. I love crumpets with butter and butter cream is always yummy. As for the book I day dream of my own library with a roaring fire and red walls covered in books! Lovely post.

  2. yeeees!and beautiful, comfortable old furniture that seduces you to read and drink tea and laze around all day. heaven!

  3. Aww Simon's cats is the best too! I think I just fell for this girl because I kind of look like her drawings too and I can see myself being a crazy cat lady when old! teehee :)
    Hope you feel better soon! Tea, books, yummy food, my fella and cats always makes me feel better! x